Trump’s Wife Wants Him To Stop Doing What?

DoD News, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – This past weekend during a campaign rally in Iowa, former President Donald Trump told a crowd in Sioux City that his wife, former First Lady Melania Trump, had some concerns about his campaign style.

As he told the audience, Melania Trump was not fond of the dancing and theatrical parts as she does not believe that they are presidential. Donald Trump made the comment while impersonating transgender athletes. After breaking character, he stated that Melania Trump was not fond of this.

He said that often she would tell him that while she loved him, the way he was acting when he was weightlifting and swimming was not presidential. She is also not fond of Trump’s dance when he is getting off the stage.

Trump stated that he responded to Melania Trump’s comments by saying that everyone loved them and they still have one more year to campaign. He added that this was the time for them to “do a little dancing.”

This is not the first time that Trump has shared that his wife is not fond of the dancing and impersonations. Last month during a GOP convention he said that his wife would tell him it was not presidential and she does not like the little dance to the campaign music. Trump however had told Melania Trump that it might be a bit of a problem for him to stop doing it as everyone loved it and would often chant calling for him to dance.

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