FBI Director Issues Scary Warning To America

Federal Bureau of Investigation, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

(TruthAndLiberty.com) – FBI Director Christopher Wray had warned that in the United States, there is a heightened threat environment unlike anything he has seen before. He pointed out that this includes threats from terrorism, the border, and the tension with China. 

According to the FBI regardless of whether the threats are coming internally or internationally, this is a “heightened threat environment.” FBI Director Christopher Wray has also been pleading with lawmakers to seriously consider each of the threats. All of the threats that the country is facing have one common thread which is that the FBI is not capable of adequately addressing everything.

Earlier this month the House Appropriations Subcommittee had heard Wray’s request as he had pointed out that the 2024 FBI budget had been set to around $500 million below what was necessary from the bureau to sustain its 2023 efforts. 

Wray stated regarding the budget shortfall that this was the worst time it could have come, especially considering the time they were in as the United States was facing a heightened threat environment. 

Wray had also stated that looking back to his entire career he could not think of a time when the country was facing as many threats as right now and that the security threats were elevated. 

These comments by Wray came after the House passed a $95 billion aid package that would provide greater support to Ukraine and Israel. However, the bill did not include any border provisions. Wray argued that after the Oct. 7 attack, the level of threats had climbed to another level. 

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