Biden Surprisingly Uses The Border Against Trump

Photo by Max Böhme on Unsplash

( – President Biden’s reelection campaign put out a new digital 50-second ad blasting former President Donald Trump for his family separation policy. 

The ad, called “Ripped Apart” was released on the anniversary of the Trump administration and is specifically targeting Latino voters in many key battleground states. As part of the ad, there are several quotes from Trump regarding how migrants were ruining the country, and that if a family entered the country they would be breaking them up. The ad also includes several images of children at the border as well as information about the President’s intention to reunite families. 

In one of the clips, Trump stated that he did not view the migrants as people but rather as animals. The ad warns that if Trump wins back the White House he will have negative plans for immigration including starting the largest deportation operations in the country’s history. The ad calls for people to stop Trump. 

Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez put out a statement pointing out that Trump had created a system that was systematically taking children from their mothers. She added that since then Trump has repeatedly celebrated these cruel practices. 

However, as she noted Biden was working tirelessly to reunite the families that were broken up because of Trump’s legacy which looked at going after parents, and specifically mothers for trying to get a better future for their children. 

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