Biden Meets With Families Of Fallen Officers

Photo by Eli Solitas on Unsplash

( – On Thursday, President Joe Biden met the families of the law enforcement agents that had been killed or injured on Monday in Charlotte, N.C., while in line of duty. 

Biden traveled to Charlotte Douglas International Airport where he met the families of police officers that were wounded or killed. Other elected officials were also present during the meeting. 

On Monday in east Charlotte, four police officers were killed while trying to arrest an individual for possession of a firearm. However, the incident resulted in the officers getting fired. 

Deputy U.S. Marshal Thomas Weeks, William Elliott, and Sam Poloche ended up killed while Officer Joshua Eyer had been critically injured during the incident, and had died while at the hospital. The four men had served at the North Carolina Department of Adult Corrections. 

Biden has frequently expressed support for law enforcement while also receiving a lot of criticism from the GOP as they have been arguing that there is an increase in crime across the country. However, Biden has previously opposed policies that he found to be weak on crime and has been pushing for law enforcement to be given more funding for hiring officers. In 2020, Biden had also moved away from the “defund the police” movement which had grown in popularity. 

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