VIDEO: Trump Calls Out Biden For Spreading Twisted Ad

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – In a campaign ad released on Sunday, President Joe Biden employs Mother’s Day to critique former President Donald Trump, encouraging Americans to “Stop Trump.”

In a press release accompanying the video, the Biden campaign shared well wishes for Mother’s Day before “asking Americans” to do the mothers in their lives “a favor” and “Stop Trump.”

The video uses Mother’s Day to share “a reminder” with voters, asserting Trump “stands only for himself” and not for “mothers across America.”

The video insists that the stakes of this election are “high for all Americans,” before singling out mothers, claiming they will “suffer” if Trump receives a second term.

The video claims that under Trump’s leadership, pregnancies will be monitored and families ripped apart, contrasting with Biden’s apparent attempt to help mothers by bringing back the Child Tax Credit.

The Biden campaign uses the video to contrast the treatment of mothers under the Biden administration and the Trump administration, claiming that Biden is a President who fights on behalf of families and Trump was not that President and wouldn’t be again if given a second term.

In response to the ad, Trump’s campaign criticized Biden for publishing such an ad, especially on Mother’s Day.

Trump’s campaign team released a statement lambasting Biden’s “sad, miserable, cowardly existence” that would allow his team to publish such an ad on a “joyous day.”

The campaign rubbished any criticism directed to Trump in the ad, suggesting that Biden’s campaign suffers from “anger, hate, and resentment” because of Trump Derangement Syndrome and allowed the former President to live “rent-free” in their “pea-sized brains.”


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