VIDEO: Twisted Teenagers Go Viral After Trashing The Beach

Photo by Ivan Ragozin on Unsplash

( – A new video has gone viral as drone footage showcases two teen boys who are carrying two trash bins filled with plastics and other trash that they threw over the railing of their fishing vessel during the annual Boca Bash in Florida. The trash was thrown into the Atlantic Ocean. 

The family of one of the two boys, who has turned himself in to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), has issued a public apology for the actions of their son. In the viral video, the teens threw the trash and then proceeded to speed away. The incident occurred on April 28. 

The video continued by showcasing the debris that has been left behind by the boat of parties of the Roca Raton inlet. The teens on the other hand can be seen laughing and waving from their boat after dumping the trash. 

On Friday the two teens, 16 and 15, reportedly turned themselves in as they will be facing third-degree felony charges for pollution that is harmful to animals, aquatic life, human health, plants, or property. 

On Monday, the parents of one of the boys sent an email statement to The Palm Beach Post in which they noted that they take responsibility for taking care of their environment, community, and oceans and that they were saddened by the incident that had taken place. They continued by apologizing to all those who had been impacted and were rightfully upset. 

They noted that their family will continue to cooperate with authorities and the FWC and argued that this can be a teaching moment for the kids involved. 


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