Judge Using Psychological Tactics Against Trump In Court?

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

(TruthAndLiberty.com) – On Friday former President Trump complained repeatedly about the Manhattan courtroom where his hush money trial case is taking place being too close and even went as far as to suggest that this was being done on “purpose.” 

In the hallway, right before the start of the hush money trial’s fourth day of testimony, Trump argued that he would need to spend another day in a “freezing courthouse.” He continued by noting that the court was very cold and that this was being done on purpose. He added that they appeared to be incapable of putting the temperature up and keeping it there, which is something that as he argued should not be as complicated. 

Last week, during the court’s jury selection process, the jurors, journalists, and judge all pointed out that the temperature in the room was extremely cold, with some people even shivering. 

Last Thursday, Todd Blance, who is Trump’s attorney, had even asked the judge if it was possible for them to put up the temperature by a degree or 2. Judge Juan Merchan had answered that honestly if he did do that, the temperature would most likely increase by around 30 degrees. 

The Lower Manhattan courthouse was constructed around 8 decades ago. Blanche pointed out that everyone in the courtroom was “freezing” and “shaking.” 

In response, the judge argued that the room was cold, but he would rather feel cold than sweating, and those were the only two choices they had. 

Reporters in the room have taken off their jackets and have suggested that there should not be many comments made about the temperature. 

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