How Much Airlines Must Pay You Back For Cancellations

Photo by Dyana Wing So on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday, the Department of Transportation issued a final rule which would make it mandatory for Airlines to pay you for any of your flights that they delay, cancel, or make other big changes to your itinerary. People could also be entitled to compensation if their checked bags do not end up being delivered on time. 

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg put out a written announcement regarding the new standards where he argued that passengers deserved to have any money that the airline owed them back without any headaches or haggling. According to the new rule, these refunds will either need to be cash payments or sent straight back to their payment form. It was also noted that vouchers did not count. 

Airlines are going to be required to issue refunds as quickly as possible, and it won’t be required for passengers to make explicit requests for their refunds or have to jump through any hoops. 

In cases where the flight is canceled, regardless of the reason, people would be entitled to a full refund. There is also the option of being rebooked to your destination and accepting a different flight, other transportation methods offered by the same airline, or travel credit. 

In cases of flight changes and delays of over 3 hours for domestic flights and over 6 hours on international flights, people would be entitled to get a refund for their flight. Similarly, this will be applicable in cases where the arrival or departure airport has changed and a new connection is added to the itinerary. 

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