Harvey Weinstein Moved Out Of Jail

Photo by Vincentas Liskauskas on Unsplash

(TruthAndLiberty.com) – On Friday, Harvey Weinstein had been examined by a medical team after arriving at Rikers Island jail. Following his assessment he was moved to Manhattan’s Bellevue Hospital where he is now hospitalized according to his lawyer Arthur Aidala. 

Aidala had informed the Associated Press on Saturday that Weinstein, whose 2020 rape conviction had been appealed by a New York court on Thursday had now been taken to Bellevue Hospital where he would undergo additional tests. 

Aidala revealed that after the first examination, they had determined that he needed to be taken to the medical facility as he needed a lot of assistance physically. He continued by noting that his client had several problems and was getting several different tests in order to get his health condition under control. 

Weinstein’s prison consultant Craig Rothfeld told Fox News Digital that they were grateful for the discretion and commitment of the medical team to provide Weinstein with the best possible medical attention. He continued by stating that Harvey was now in the hands of the NYC H+H/Correctional Health Services and the state’s Department of Corrections where his medical needs were being taken care of. He added that they were grateful for the handling of the case. 

Juda Engelmayer, a representative for Weinstein revealed that he had been taken back to Bellevue on Saturday morning, adding that they were optimistic and ready to go to trial if needed in this case. As Engelmayer pointed out there were now fewer charges which would mean that the case would not be so stacked against Weinstein and he would be given the necessary due process. 

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