Bill Maher Erupts On Crooked Merrick Garland

The United States Department of Justice, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Friday while delivering his closing monologue, Bill Maher of “Real Time” thrashed Attorney General Merrick Garland for delaying former President Donald Trump’s criminal cases.

Maher suggested it wasn’t “a good reason” to give Garland the job as Attorney General solely “because he got screwed over for another job,” adding that this shouldn’t be qualifying criteria when considering who to get the job that requires someone “tough.”

Maher elaborated that Maher, who he claimed “sucks” the job as AG and only got it because he didn’t get elected as Supreme Court Justice.

The chat show host claimed President Joe Biden gave Garland the AG job as “payback” after Mitch McConnell changed the rule that a new Supreme Court Justice would be selected once a Justice dies.

Maher attacked Democrats, who he described as more concerned “about appearing nonpartisan” that they backed someone who was letting “actual crimes go unpunished,” linking Garland to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who didn’t charge Trump with crimes relating to the investigation into alleged Russia collusion.

Maher continued his expletive-laden attack, adding that Garland had carried on the trend that Mueller started by being a “purse dog” when a “pitbull” was necessary.

He pointed out that it was “interesting” that when the GOP had to “appoint a special prosecutor,” they appointed a Republican, and Democrats did the same thing when it was their turn; they also appointed a Republican. The HBO host noted that a Democrat hadn’t been a special prosecutor since Watergate.

As he concluded his monologue, Maher added that while Trump complained about being the “victim of selective prosecution,” the chat show host insisted the former President is a “beneficiary of selective non-prosecution.”

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