Tax Funds Given To Migrants To Do What?

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

( – Reports have emerged suggesting that Catholic Charities of San Antonio might have inappropriately used federal funds intended for the support of migrants. According to Border Report, the organization is accused of financing the travel of migrants to various destinations across the country, utilizing money allocated for different purposes.

Representative Monica De La Cruz, a Republican from Texas, expressed strong disapproval over the alleged misallocation of funds. She stated, “Tax dollars were never meant to facilitate air travel for migrants to any destination they choose. It’s a clear misuse of funds, redirecting taxpayers’ hard-earned money to cover expenses for which they were not approved. Such actions are entirely unacceptable.”

Adding to the controversy, Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar from Texas also raised issues about the use of funds provided through the FEMA Shelter and Services Program. He remarked that the program’s intent was strictly to cover necessities such as food and shelter, and perhaps local transportation—not for funding airline tickets. “I originally advocated for this program under the premise that it would cater solely to essential services within the community, certainly not for sending people across the country. Those expenses should be borne by the individuals or their families, not by taxpayers,” Cuellar explained.

The FEMA program in question was established to reimburse non-profit organizations for costs incurred in providing humanitarian assistance to migrants, specifically excluding costs like air travel. Cuellar noted that while the program does allow for a certain portion of the funds to be used for transportation, it is explicitly meant for local transport during emergencies.

As of the latest updates, Catholic Charities of San Antonio has not yet responded to these allegations. The organization is anticipated to receive an additional $10.8 million through the FEMA program for its MRS Centro de Bienvenida, further intensifying the scrutiny over its fund management and allocation practices.

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