Man Dies In Crazy Way In America’s Most Haunted Lake

Photo by Jo Anaya on Unsplash

( – On Sunday it was revealed that a man died from electrocution after entering Lake Lanier in Northern Georgia. The lake has developed a dark reputation for being “haunted” as there had been more than 700 deaths since it first opened to the public as part of a man made reservoir in 1956. This has led to many stories about this lake being created over the decades.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) released a statement about Thomas Milner, 24, a death which had occurred on Thursday. According to a report from Fox 5 Atlanta, Milner had gotten electrocuted after jumping into the lake’s water from his family-owned dock.

At first, one of the family friends had tried to use a ladder to get Milner out of the water, however, his attempts had been unsuccessful. The neighbor proceeded to use a boat to get to where Milner was and try to rescue him. However, as soon as he entered the water, he started feeling a burning sensation which he realized was an electrical shock coming from an unknown source. The individual proceeded to go back on shore and switch off the electric power box which then allowed him to get Milner out of the water.

Milner’s uncle had tried to administer CPR but he had not been successful in his attempts. First responders at the scene also transported him to Northside Forsyth Hospital where he passed away. There has been no further information regarding his death released so far, and there is an ongoing investigation into what exactly occurred.

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