Liberals Fume After One State Pushes Patriotism

Photo by Paul Weaver on Unsplash

( – A new North Carolina housing development has dubbed itself a patriotic community where all the residents and homeowners will “pledge” to have an American flag flying outside of their home all year round.

The Founder of 1776 Gastonia, Brock Fankhauser stated during an interview with “Fox & Friends First” that his goal was to provide America with the medicine that it needs right now, which according to him is “patriotism.”

The Company behind the construction of the community, Great American Homes, has stated that all residents are going to be required to pledge their allegiance to the nation and express their support for the Constitution as well as the Declaration of Independence. Residents are also required to promise to be loyal and committed to working for the future of their neighborhood.

Each homeowner will also be given an American flag that they will be required to display. Fankhauser specifically stated that the flag is part of the home design and that from the day homeowners close on the house they are pledging to “one another.”

The founder further revealed to Fox News Digital that while there won’t be any consequences for those in the community that fail to abide by the community rules, he is hoping that homeowners who choose to buy in the community will be interested in following the covenants of the neighborhood. He added that they were strong supporters of freedom which is why he considers heavy penalties to go against the founding ideals that were set when the country was created.

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