Biden’s Son Said What About Chinese Chairman?

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – Hunter Biden reportedly informed Devon Archer, a previous business companion, that a Chinese entrepreneur who helped them arrange a multi-million dollar enterprise admired his family name and appreciated being in the company of “godlike Aryan men.” This information comes from an email conversation from 2011 that was unveiled by Fox News Digital.

Within this email exchange, Hunter Biden elaborated on his association with Che Feng, a Chinese businessman, and how Feng assisted in connecting Rosemont Seneca Partners and Thornton Group LLC with Jonathan’s Li Bohai Capital. This collaboration gave rise to Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), a venture that falls under the purview of the Bank of China Limited.

On a related note, Archer was summoned on Monday to appear before a congressional committee overseeing house matters to share his insight in a private session. During this meeting, he is said to have brought up that Joe Biden, while serving as Vice President, penned a college endorsement letter for the daughter of Jonathan Li.

Also found in these 2011 emails, Michael Lin, co-founder of the Bulger’s Thornton Group, had dispatched a term sheet concerning Li’s collaborative investment fund to Hunter Biden. In response, Hunter forwarded these emails to Archer, one of the original creators of Rosemont Seneca Partners, indicating that they could expect roughly 7% of the fund.

Hunter also hypothesized that Feng’s affinity for him might have stemmed from his last name as well as the charismatic and appealing individuals he associated with. He further posited that if the deal were genuine and finalized, a conversation about how to allocate the earnings would be necessary.

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