Populations From 2 States Replacing Themselves

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

(TruthAndLiberty.com) – While many Californians have been making their way to Texas, a new statistic has shown that there is a high number of Texans who are making the opposite move and are establishing themselves in California.

The Houston Chronicle obtained the data from the United States Census Bureau where it was shown that in 2022 there were 42,279 Texans who had moved to California. According to this information Texas had a higher number of people relocating to California than any other state.

One of the main reasons for this relocation relates to the salary made by residents. Forbes in their reports has found that Texas is the 24th state in the nation in terms of salary, with the average salary being $57,300. By comparison California has the third highest average salary in the United States, with the only two states that have a higher salary being Massachusetts with $76,600 and New York with $74,870.

Forbes analysts have noted that across the United States, the average salary is $59,428 which would make the average salary of Texas residents around $2,000 less. This also means that for Texans to move out West they often need to be offered a “handsome salary.”

While the number of Texans who have opted to resettle in California from Texas may appear high, it is still less than half the number of Californians, over 102,000, who have chosen to move to Texas within that same time period.

The census data also showed that while around 475,000 people had moved to California in 2022, there were around 817,000 Californians who had left the state for elsewhere in the United States.

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