U.S. Election Problems Get Worse

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(TruthAndLiberty.com) – On Tuesday, the resignation of the Elections Director for Pinal County, Arizona made headlines as Geraldine Roll stepped down from her position. Her decision was prompted by her concerns regarding the politicization of elections and the creation of a negative work environment within the county. In an email addressed to County Manager Leo Lew, which was later obtained by The Hill, Roll detailed the reasons behind her resignation and called attention to the challenges she faced during her tenure.

Roll expressed her disappointment in Lew, accusing him of passivity and failing to support her when she faced attacks. She highlighted instances where she was subjected to ridicule, disrespect, intimidation, and unfounded attacks on her professional ethics and reputation. The accumulation of these experiences led Roll to a point where she no longer held any respect for the individuals she had been working with, ultimately prompting her decision to resign.

In her email, Roll emphasized the importance of maintaining an impartial elections department that operates free from any political influence. She voiced her concern that the work environment created by Lew’s team and the Board of Supervisors had become detrimental and harmful. According to her, this environment not only hindered the department’s ability to fulfill its duties but also compromised the integrity of the electoral process.

Moreover, Roll made specific mention of the need for the elections department to remain free from politicization, stating that it should not cater to any particular party or faction. However, she alleged that certain officials within the county had shown favoritism towards a specific faction of the Republican Party, raising doubts about their commitment to fair and unbiased elections.

The news of Roll’s resignation initially broke on Azcentral.com, drawing attention to her concerns about delivering clean elections in an environment where political interests seemed to take precedence. She expressed her disappointment that the administration appeared to value politics over the integrity of the electoral process, even in areas where politics should not have a place.

In response to Roll’s statements, County Manager Leo Lew offered his disagreement with her assessment of the situation. The differing viewpoints between Roll and Lew highlight the challenges and tensions that can arise within election offices, where the responsibility of conducting fair and transparent elections intersects with the complexities of political dynamics and individual perspectives.

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