Supreme Court Rules On Trump’s Ballot Eligibility?

Photo by Claire Anderson on Unsplash

( – Legal experts have stated that the U.S. Supreme Court will be forced to rule on whether or not former President Donald Trump is not eligible to be included in the ballots of the states that have previously moved to have him removed.

In late December, the Supreme Court in Colorado determined that Trump was ineligible to be included in the presidential ballot. Maine’s secretary of state was quick to follow along and make a similar decision, removing Trump from the ballot.

However, similar cases in Minnesota and Michigan had been unsuccessful, with Trump being allowed to remain on the primary ballot in both of those cases. California’s secretary of state is expected to make a decision on this in the coming days.

Trump was quick to announce that he would be challenging the decisions in Colorado and Maine, and his legal team is expected to make a move against them as early as Tuesday.

With the results of the legal cases ranging so vastly it is likely that the United States Supreme Court will be called to step in to determine whether or not Trump is eligible to participate in the elections. University of Colorado law professor Doug Spencer specifically noted that the case in his state had increased the chances of a possible U.S. Supreme Court intervention.

Albany Law School professor Ray Brescia similarly stated that ultimately it would be the Supreme Court that would rule on this. He added that in part this is because of the differences in the “procedural postures” that the different states have taken.

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