Social Media Group Unites Broken Families

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

( – A Facebook group called Search Squad is helping people whose families have been separated because of adoption through the use of their snooping abilities and social media apps. The group has been helping reconnect family members who were separated either because of adoption or a number of other factors.

The volunteer-based group often refers to its members as “Search Angels” and has revealed that all their investigations take place at no charge. Throughout the years the group has helped reunite thousands of people and has helped them gather more information about who they were, their origin, and even on occasion meet their families.

Bonnie Holley, the group’s founder revealed that when the group was first created, they did not realize how much of a need there was for something of this sort. As she revealed to NBC correspondent Kaylee Hartung, for the past 10 years volunteers have been employing their social media skills in order to find the last family members of those who post their cases. They often tend to solve more than 100 cases each month.

Kathey Williams, one of the members of the group revealed that they do this because they love people and they love a “good puzzle.” This is what the search feels like as they are trying to solve the “people puzzle.”

Nadine Cardinale, who had employed the group’s services before, had once told her husband on Mother’s Day that her only wish was to know who her father was. Cardinale had been raised by a single mother and had never known who her father was.

The Search Squad successfully located her father, Walt Pontious, whom Cardinale even got to meet.

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