Rottweiler Teaches Others How To Swim

Photo by Joel Moysuh on Unsplash

( – From the goldendoodle displaying the sassiest of reactions to his reflection, to the cat that couldn’t resist a baby’s pacifier, our furry friends never cease to entertain and bring joy to our readers.

Should you find your furry companion in the midst of an equally endearing act and manage to capture it on film, we encourage you to share it with Newsweek by following the submission details provided at the conclusion of this article. Your pet might just be the next to grace the “Pet of the Week” spotlight.

This week’s spotlight shines on George, a 2-year-old Rottweiler from Bellevue, New England. George shares his home with his owner Tonya Fainter and a golden retriever named Charlie, who is not just a pet but more like a younger sibling to George.

Since Charlie’s arrival as a young pup, George has shown an unwavering interest in him. Fainter shared with Newsweek that the duo exhibits a classic sibling dynamic, with Charlie often seeking George’s attention, though not without causing a bit of mischief here and there. A memorable moment occurred last September when George took it upon himself to teach Charlie to swim, a milestone moment Fainter was lucky enough to document.

“George is an exceptional older brother, guiding Charlie through various life lessons,” Fainter explained. “Charlie looks up to George, mirroring his every move, from their resting spots to their playthings and adventures.”

Fainter further noted that George played a pivotal role in bolstering Charlie’s confidence, eventually leading him to embrace swimming independently. “Following the video, Charlie began to leap into the pool by himself, thoroughly enjoying his time in the water!”

Our first contender is Hewy the cat, soon to be three. His owner, Jody Rausch, said that Hewy, like many felines, is fascinated by the television and enjoys interactive “fish and bird games.” Recently, Hewy has developed an interest in equine videos, particularly captivated by a pair of ponies frolicking in the snow on a YouTube channel, leading to a humorous interaction that both Rausch and the channel’s creator found amusing.

Then there’s Dutch, a 6-year-old Great Dane residing near Wichita, Kansas, with Karla Schilling. Dutch, who found his forever home through a rescue organization, has a fondness for his human family, peanut butter, and car rides. Schilling cherishes Dutch for his loyalty, zest for life, comedic nature, and proficiency in relaxation.

Lastly, we introduce Blueberry, the budgie with a strong personality, who resides with Mia Beatrice in Scripps. Acquired during the pandemic, 2-year-old Blueberry finds joy in swinging and playing with cardboard. Beatrice highlights that Blueberry’s unique way of offering comfort during her down moments, with a stern look, never fails to lighten her mood.

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