Obama Targets Trump Heading Into 2024

Chuck Kennedy (Official White House photo), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

(TruthAndLiberty.com) – In a recent lunch with President Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama pledged that he was going to do everything possible to support Biden’s reelection campaign and argued that former President Donald Trump was a strong political opponent.

On Wednesday, the Washington Post put out a report in which they claimed that Obama was concerned about the political strength of Trump, who has a very loyal supporter base and the backing of all conservative media.

Obama’s senior adviser Eric Schultz declined to provide any further comments about the lunch, but in a statement to The Hill, he had said that the former President was looking forward to providing support to Democrats who were up for election in the next fall. Schultz had added that their strategy was going to be focused on impact and that they would look for ways to reach a wider newer audience. He added that they were very deliberate in the choices they were making as their main focus was on moving “the needle.”

In late June Obama had attended a lunch in the White House with Biden. However, while the White House publicized the event, they did not give any information on what was discussed by the two during their meeting. The two have frequently over the past few years, following the Obama administration.

During his visit to the White House, Obama had recorded a video calling for donations to Biden’s reelection campaign. The former President continues to be very popular within the Democratic Party and he is considered to be an important asset during elections.

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