Major U.S. Airline Flies Child Where?

Photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash

( – Last Friday 16-year-old Logan Lose boarded a flight from Tampa International Airport waiving his family goodbye. The teenager was meant to be traveling to Cleveland.

When he arrived at the gate he had seen multiple other passengers lining up at the gate which prompted him to get in line.

His father Ryan Lose revealed that the Frontier Airlines boarding agent had checked the baggage that his son was carrying and the boarding pass that he had on his phone, before telling him that he could board the plane. Lose argued that according to his son, they had not scanned the boarding pass and that had they scanned it they would have been aware that this was the wrong flight.

After reaching Puerto Rico he had sent his family a text panicking. He had requested it and stated that they had previously told him it was Ohio. Ryan stated that his first reaction upon receiving the text was to panic as he had no way of arriving at the airport safely.

The boy’s family has revealed that the confusion was a result of the two flights departing from the same gate. However, the flights had a two-hour difference from the Puerto Rico flight.

Lose stated that his son had been anxious about his first solo flight and had asked all the right questions at the gate as well as shown his boarding pass. He added that if they had just scanned his boarding pass then his son would have never ended up on that flight.

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