Hollywood Star Tries Discourage Latinos From Voting Trump

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(TruthAndLiberty.com) – Last Tuesday, actor John Leguizamo responded to a New York Times/Siena poll which showed that the majority of Hispanics prefer former President Donald Trump over President Biden during an appearance on “The Daily Show.” 

The actor was given a small horse piñata which he completely destroyed while also reciting a list of profanities in Spanish. 

The poll in question found that out of the Hispanic respondents asked about who they support in the upcoming election, 46 percent had stated that they are supporting Trump while 40 percent stated that they would prefer Biden. 

Leguizamo questioned how that was possible while slamming the piñata. As he pointed out this was Donald Trump who had been supporting building a wall along the Southern U.S. border, mass deportations, and who believed that Daddy Yankee was a baseball player. He continued by saying that in reality though the reason for this is that Latino voters were mainly focused on inflation when it came to the 2024 election. 

This is a priority that was also shown in the Times/Siena poll as 93 percent of Hispanics had a negative rating for the current consumer and food prices. Historically polling has shown that Latino voters prioritize the economy as the key issue. However, there is also evidence that many of them are turning to the right when it comes to the handling of certain issues, including border management. 

Still, Leguizamo argued that it was unacceptable for them to have any support for Trump regardless of the rate of inflation. He continued by saying that if there is one thing that they can count on is that no matter what Trump said regarding inflation he does not like Hispanics being in the United States, and does not want them there.

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