Georgia DA Fani Willis Gets Impeached?

Photo by Sebastian Pichler on Unsplash

( – State Sen. Colton Moore from Georgia has decided to call for an emergency session to look into possible impeachment for Fani Willis, the Fulton County District Attorney following the recent charges she brought against former President Donald Trump in connection to his attempt to overturn the state’s election.

Moore made the announcement on Thursday on social media. As he claimed the country was under attack and he would not allow radical left prosecutors to target their political opponents. In a letter sent to Governor Brian Kemp, Moore also called for a special session that would look into Willis’ actions.

Late on Monday during a press conference, Willis had spoken about the Fulton County grand jury’s decision to file charges against Trump and 18 of his allies. The 19 defendants were given until Aug 25. To surrender willingly to law enforcement. She further argued that she would like all defendants to be trialed in a single trial that would take place in the next six months. However, that might not be logistically possible as it would require a lot of scheduling and a large courtroom that would fit all the defendants and their legal teams.

Following the indictment, Trump’s campaign argued that Willis’s family was “steeped in hate” and even pointed out that her father was connected to Black Panther.

Following the release of the charges, Trump’s campaign also released an email that included several quotes from the Fulton County government website and a 2021 Time magazine article.

The district attorney’s office has not responded to these comments.

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