Doorbell Camera Catches Horrific Crime

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

( – A Local outlet in Idaho reported that a doorbell camera caught the disturbing moment when a man lifted a dog off the ground and then proceeded to slam it down while a different man watched.

The Filer Police Department in Filer, Idaho had stated that they are going to investigate the animal abuse incident that occurred on Saturday night. The department has already identified one of the two men in the video, while they have requested from the public any information they might have regarding the identity of the second individual.

On Sunday night, the department posted an update on Facebook noting that the investigation was still underway, but still proceeded to provide some further details regarding the incident. The dog’s condition has not yet been made known, and it is not yet clear whether the two individuals in the incident are the dog’s owners. It is also unclear as of right now whether the two men are going to face charges.

The footage captured by the doorbell camera was shared by KMVT, a local news outlet, who warned viewers that the video was disturbing to watch. In the clip, two men can be seen going into the private property. One of the two men, who is wearing a black top and shorts, proceeds to grab the dog and slam its body to the ground. The man then proceeded to strike the dog.

The man in black then grabs the dog by its neck and proceeds to drag it all the way across the yard. He then hits the dog continuously on the nose. The reason behind the attack has not yet been made clear.

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