Democrats To Arm Non-Citizens In The U.S.

Photo by hosein charbaghi on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore announced that the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners had approved a new policy outline enabling recipients of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) to become sworn-in officers who have the allowance to carry a firearm full-time.

DACA recipients are not citizens of the United States, which is why they have been prohibited from joining law enforcement. Moore argued that after cooperating closely with the Department of Justice they expressed the desire for the formation of a model policy that is going to meet the United States law and immigration policy provisions.

LAPD previously told Fox News that the policy proposed could still be months away from becoming official. The possibility of DACA recipients becoming police officers is complicated and leads to many questions regarding safety and legality, as many have questioned whether non-citizens should be allowed to arrest U.S. citizens. There are also questions relating to what would happen if the recipients lost their legal status under DACA.

Moore in response to that possibility argued that he did not see them as possibly losing their status. Instead, he argued that what they were seeing was a trend across the country where DACA recipients were being recognized as fully functional members of society. As he pointed out they were employed, paying taxes, and acting responsibly.

A source from the Los Angeles Police Department has noted that it is a full-time job to be a police officer and that essentially not allowing DACA recipients full-time access to carrying a firearm could endanger their lives.

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