Democrats Give Massive Gift To Mexican Nationals

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

( – On Friday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a new bill that would enable certain communities to allow some students living in Mexico to attend with in-state tuition. The bill was confirmed on the website of the governor’s administration under the section “legislative update.”

In the release on the website, it was noted that these were the final actions taken by Newsom for the 2023 legislative session and that currently there were no other bills on his table.

Assemblymember David Alvarez, D-San Diego introduced the bill which is meant to assist low-income students that are located not more than 45 minutes away from the California border. In a statement to The Los Angeles Times, he argued that there were students who were U.S. citizens but ended up residing in the Baja region because of the high living costs in California. He added that these are students who are not residents of California because their families cannot afford to live within the state.

This bill is in line with a Texas law that has existed for decades which allows students situated near the state’s border to get access to resident tuition.

Agustin Guzman, who is currently a student at Texas A&M International University, in Laredo, Texas but resides in Mexico, told The Times that he had previously believed he would not be able to attend college at all, but that now he takes the three-hour journey in order to receive his education. In order to attend university he has to cross the border daily.

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