Democrat Cities Reach A Breaking Point

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

( – The surge in migrants gathering at the Southern border wall in southern California has acted as a glimpse into the migrant crisis that has been unfolding across cities in the United States as resources are being stretched thin.

San Diego, a border city, is experiencing the same type of dysfunction and strain that is also visible in sanctuary cities like Chicago and New York. The ongoing crisis has led to many Democrat leaders pushing the White House to take action and arguing that the Biden administration has failed to respond to the migrant crisis.

San Diego County’s Board of Supervisors member Nora Vargas told AFP that currently, they do not have the necessary funds. She added that they have been trying to come up with a plan working with the federal government and the state. However, as she pointed out while they are planning the number of migrants continues to climb.

She added that as a result of the current situation last week they had to declare a humanitarian crisis.

Immigration is one of the key issues in the United States right now, with both political parties presenting different views on how the immigration system in the country needs to be reformed. U.S. media have also reported that in the last year, there has been a record number of encounters, 2.4 million, which is testing the Democrat’s stance of welcoming all those who want to enter the country.

Local authorities in San Diego have been attempting to process all those entering the country within two days. The majority of migrants come from Latin America, but there are also migrants who have traveled to the U.S. from Asia or Africa.

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