Crime Surges On Capitol Hill, Biden Silent

Armed Secret Service Agent Prevents Process Server From Reaching Trump

( – The Senate has warned staffers and lawmakers in Capitol Hill that there has been an increase in crime across Washington, D.C. The warning was issued after a number of Congress members and staffers faced violent attacks.

The warning was part of a Friday bulletin sent to the Senate chiefs of staff, staff directors, administrative managers, and chief clerks.

The Senate Sergeant-at-Arms included in the bulletin a number of tips to help protect Senate members and staffers from carjacks as carjacking incidents across Washington have increased. Only a day earlier one Senate staff member had been robbed at gunpoint while a few weeks later a Democratic lawmaker was carjacked.

The reminders and advice on the bulletin included keeping the doors of vehicles locked and the windows up, avoiding assisting strangers with broken-down cars, and once a safe location is reached they should call the police. Furthermore, it also encouraged that all valuables kept in a car should be left in a concealed location and that lawmakers should park in “well-lit areas” and should try to travel in groups when possible.

For incidents that take place close to the complex, the bulletin advises that apart from 911 the Capitol Hill Police should also be called.

In the last few months, many Capitol Hill staff members and lawmakers have been at the center of violent attacks. On Thursday night, Sen. Katie Britt (R) was robbed at gunpoint in the U.S. capital. The incident had reportedly occurred at around 8:30 p.m. while Britt had only been 1 mile away from the Capitol.

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