Biden Gets Devastating News Out Of Georgia

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Former President Donald Trump was shown in a newly released Atlanta Journal-Constitution survey to be leading in Georgia against President Biden with an 8 point lead.

The survey which was released on Tuesday found that 45 percent of voters in Georgia stated that they would back Trump in the presidential election, while only 37 percent said the same for Biden. The survey asked voters who they would support if the election was to occur today and the two candidates were selected as the nominee of their party.

Still, many other respondents claimed that they were not yet committed to supporting either of the two candidates, while 6.5 percent stated that they would support some other candidate in the election. Around 6 percent also claimed that they would not be voting, while another 6 percent stated that they were still unsure about who to support.

Many independents also claimed that they would either not vote for Biden, 13.8 percent, or that they were still uncertain about who to support, 10.7 percent.

Biden still manages to retain his lead among those who self-identify as independents or moderates, however, the support he has gained from those groups does not yet appear to be strong enough for him to win over Trump in Georgia, which has a higher number of registered GOP voters than Democrats.

Around 50 percent of moderates in the state expressed support for Biden, while only 26.4 percent stated the same about Trump. The remaining 10.2 percent claimed that they would back a different candidate. Biden is leading Independents with a lower margin having 38.4 percent support, while Trump has 27.7 percent. Finally, the remaining 9.4 percent stated they would like to support a different candidate.

Trump and Biden both receive considerable support from within their respective parties, with Biden having 84 percent of Democrats backing him, and Trump having 82.5 percent of Republicans supporting him.

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