Supreme Court Puts Trump On The Clock

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

( – The Supreme Court has requested former President Donald Trump’s legal team to respond to a petition by special counsel Jack Smith on whether or not Trump can be prosecuted on the election interference charges by December 20. This decision makes it appear as if the Court intends to expedite consideration for special counsel Jack Smith’s petition on whether or not it is possible to prosecute Trump for having plotted to overturn the presidential election in 2020.

Smith in his request to the court had called for them to act with speed in order to avoid any possible delays in the election interference case which could push back the day of the trial until after the presidential election.

The election interference trial is set to start in March. The next scheduled conference Supreme Court Day to consider the petition has been scheduled as Jan. 5, 2024, however, the brief order did not have any further information on what the court might actually do.

A federal judge has ruled that the election interference case could proceed, however, Trump has asked that the Washington federal appeals court reverse the outcome. In an attempt to bypass the decision of the appeals court, Smith has already reached out to the Supreme Court to have them handle the case directly. The prosecutors have pointed out that this case is looking at some fundamental questions that concern the country’s democracy as they are looking into whether or not Trump has absolute immunity from federal prosecution for any crimes that he might have committed while in the White House.

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