Russia Captures Top U.S. Military Technology, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

On Wednesday Moscow announced that they would be recovering the U.S. military drone which crashed over the Black Sea earlier this week.

According to a report from Washington, the U.S. drone was brought down by two Russian fighter jets. Russia also warned against “hostile” U.S. flights and denied that the Russian Su-27 military aircraft had caused the propeller of the unmanned U.S. drone to stop working.

However, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has stated that the United States was going to keep flying “wherever international law allows.” This statement was made after a call for de-escalation made by its former Russian counterparts. Austin proceeded to call for Russia to use its “military aircraft in a safe and professional manner”.

Russia has also confirmed that Washington had called in order to appease the increased tension.

Kyiv has also entered the argument stating that this move was clearly a provocation from Russia to have the U.S. enter the war in Ukraine.

Russian Security Council secretary Nikolai Patrushev during his televised remarks stated that they would attempt to recover the drone even though whether or not they would be successful remains to be seen.

The crash occurred on Tuesday. At the time Washington had claimed that it was the result of reckless and unprofessional flying from the two Russian fighter jets. This led to increased tension between Russia and the West.

Patrushev however claimed that the incident was proof of the U.S. involvement as a direct party in the war between Russia and Ukraine and had claimed that Russia would continue to fight for its “independence” and “sovereignty.”