Leaked Audio Reveals The White House Hates Biden

Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

(TruthAndLiberty.com) – In a leaked audio snippet, Ron Klain, the former Chief of Staff at the White House, expressed frustration with President Biden’s prioritization of infrastructure topics, specifically bridges, over everyday economic issues like the cost of groceries. Politico’s report details Klain’s candid remarks, highlighting his concern that Biden’s frequent public appearances to inaugurate infrastructure projects overshadow critical discussions on the rising prices of basic necessities such as eggs and milk.

Klain’s comments were captured during a discreet gathering organized by “Democracy: A Journal of Ideas,” where he was featured as a speaker. His tenure as Chief of Staff spanned from the commencement of Biden’s term until early February 2023. In the audio, Klain is heard critiquing the President’s focus, suggesting that the emphasis on infrastructure projects, like bridge openings, may not resonate with the public’s immediate concerns about living costs. He argues that these events, while important, might lack broad appeal or relevance to everyday economic pressures faced by American families.

Following the leak, Klain reiterated his points in a follow-up interview with Politico. He didn’t retract his initial criticisms but elaborated on the importance of a message that empathizes with the economic challenges faced by citizens, emphasizing the need for policies that reduce living costs and enhance income levels.

In response to Klain’s remarks, White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates underscored President Biden’s commitment to economic growth and affordability. Bates pointed out that Biden’s efforts to promote infrastructure investments align with his broader agenda to strengthen the middle class and reduce expenses on essentials, such as prescription medications, while opposing policies that benefit the wealthy at the expense of broader economic welfare.

President Biden, undeterred by the criticisms, continued to advocate for his infrastructure initiatives, embarking on tours to highlight the allocation of $3.3 billion towards infrastructure development in underserved areas. During a visit to Milwaukee, he emphasized the transformative potential of these projects, describing the comprehensive benefits ranging from road repairs to the enhancement of living spaces, clean air, and access to fresh food.

The funding announcement covered 132 projects across various cities, including Atlanta, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Birmingham (Alabama), Syracuse (New York), and Toledo (Ohio). According to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, these projects vary in scale; some are modest and can be swiftly completed, while others are extensive and will unfold over several years.

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