Illegals Take Over Southern State

Photo by Maddy Baker on Unsplash

( – Recent footage from the southern border has highlighted a surge in illegal migrant activities in New Mexico, showcasing individuals circumventing the border wall in Sunland. The video, captured by Fox News, also depicted “coyotes” and scouts observing the area, indicating a coordinated effort to monitor and manage illegal crossings.

In a separate incident, the Border Patrol intercepted migrants in the desert, signaling a loss of control over certain areas, such as Mt. Cristo Rey, to human smugglers.

The ongoing migrant crisis, now in its fourth year, continues to escalate, with New Mexico emerging as a primary entry point into the United States. Meanwhile, in Arizona’s Nogales, authorities have confiscated weapons and cash in various operations, underscoring the complex challenges at the border.

Eagle Pass, Texas, has seen a decrease in migrant crossings after state-level interventions, including the appropriation of a strategic area by Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s administration. However, El Paso experiences periodic surges in migrant activities, with reports of individuals breaching security measures.

Significant incidents in the El Paso Sector, spanning Texas and New Mexico, include the discovery of a human smuggling operation and the arrest of individuals with serious criminal backgrounds.

As the 2024 election approaches, immigration remains a contentious issue. The Biden administration attributes the crisis to broader regional factors and advocates for legislative and funding support to overhaul the immigration system. It promotes creating more legal avenues for migration while enforcing penalties for illegal entries.

In contrast, Republicans attribute the escalating crisis to policy changes under the current administration, criticizing the relaxation of previous strict measures and arguing for enhanced internal enforcement.

The political debate intensifies in Texas, where Governor Abbott has initiated legal and physical measures against the federal government’s handling of the border situation, emphasizing state-led efforts to secure the border and uphold immigration laws.

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