Major Change Made To Voter Registration Laws?

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

( – Election officials in North Carolina are attempting to fine-tune the state’s handling of same-day voter registration ahead of the upcoming election. This is as GOP legislators are trying to make it easier for ballots to be tossed out while other critics have claimed that it was too hard for voters to be able to access the polls. 

Lawyers representing the state election officials put out new rules for the verification of people’s addresses during registration if they wanted to cast a vote on the same day. The change comes after a court ruling that stated that people needed to file a formal appeal if they wanted to be removed from the voter rolls. 

The State Board of Elections also provided an updated memorandum in which there is information about the same-day registration process. This was also submitted to federal court. North Carolina allows voters to register to vote and also cast their ballot during 17 days right before any election, whether primary or general. 

The state is scheduled to have its primaries on March 5, while the early voting period is going to begin on Feb. 15 making same-day registration available to state voters. 

In October, the General Assembly which is under the control of the GOP passed a voting law that in part informed officials that a same-day registrant’s ballot should be removed in cases where the count notices that the person’s address is returned as undeliverable. 

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