Liz Cheney Breaks Silence About Next House Speaker

Photo by Quick PS on Unsplash

( – Liz Cheney, a former GOP Representative, issued an ominous warning while discussing Rep. Jim Jordan’s bid for the Speakership. While talking to a University of Minnesota crowd, Cheney argued that if Jordan becomes the House Speaker, it will mark the end of the Republican party as they currently know it.

She added that should Jordan win the Speaker gavel then it would no longer be possible for them to argue that GOP elected officials could be depended on for the defense of the U.S. Constitution.

Jordan is one of former President Donald Trump’s close allies and he announced that he would be bidding for the office of Speaker a day after the historic vote that left the seat vacant on Tuesday. The seat was previously held by Rep. Kevin McCarthy who had now argued that he is not intending to try and win his office back.
Apart from Jordan, Rep. Steve Scalise has also announced his bid.

Last year, Cheney lost her re-election bid after expressing strong criticism about Trump. During her last months in Congress, she was one of the 10 Republicans to vote in favor of Trump being impeached in his second impeachment. She was also one of only two GOP members to serve on the House special committee tasked with probing into the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol attack.

On Wednesday following McCarthy’s ousting, the former Representative also argued that he had gotten what he deserved and that he was “unfit to be speaker.” She added that in the past couple of years, McCarthy has collaborated, enabled, and even apologized for the former President.

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