Israel-Palestine Conflict Raises Big Issues In U.S. Universities

Photo by Dom Fou on Unsplash

( – The war between Israel and Hamas has led to college campuses across the U.S. having to deal with students being pitted against the leadership of the university. Tensions are also running high between pro-Israel and pro-Palestine organizations.

Many student groups have slammed Israel over what they have referred to as the occupation of Palestine. They have also criticized the foreign nation for its treatment of Palestinian residents. At the same time, leaders across the nation have spoken out against the Hamas attack which resulted in hundreds of Israelis losing their lives. Still, there are many college students who are claiming that Israel is to blame for the attacks.

At Harvard, a group of over 30 students released a statement placing the entire blame for the attack on Israel. Similarly, Students for Justice at the University of Virginia have stated that Hamas’s actions which are part of the efforts to free Palestine have resulted in hundreds of people losing their lives. The group proceeded to state that they stood in solidarity with resistance fighters in Palestine and across the world who are attempting to create a better world and be freed.

The Harvard letter has led to a lot of backlash which has resulted in the names of the organizations that originally signed the letter being removed. Harvard Hillel also responded to the letter stating that the Harvard community rather than providing support following the massacre had brought forward hatred and “anti-Semitism.” He added that this situation was extremely hurtful and that there has not been a massacre as deadly to Jews since the Holocaust.

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