Haley’s Pathetic Attack On Trump Sparks Outrage

Matt Johnson from Omaha, Nebraska, United States, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(TruthAndLiberty.com) – Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley argued during a campaign rally in Mauldin, South Carolina that former President Donald Trump was spending his time dealing with his legal issues in court and was not fighting for the American people. 

Saturday’s rally was aired live on Newsmax, while also being simulcast on the online streaming platform Newsmax2. During the rally, Haley argued that Trump has not addressed how his administration put the U.S. in an additional $8 trillion in debt in four years. She added that this was something that “our kids” would never forgive Trump for. 

Haley also pointed out that Trump has not said anything about how he intended to stop fentanyl flow to secure the U.S. border, but that this was something they needed to do. She proceeded to argue that Trump has not addressed how he would get children to read again, or how he would restore law and order in the country. She also noted that Trump had not spoken about how to address any of the current wars. 

During the rally, Haley proceeded by saying that this was something the country’s adversaries, China, Iran, and Russia could see which is why she was so worried and had a problem with it. 

On Friday a July on Trump found that Trump needed to pay $83.3 million in damages for defamatory statements made while he denied having sexually assaulted writer E. Jean Carroll.
On Saturday Haley stated that she had “dismissed the fellas,” which included former Presidential candidates Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie, and Vivek Ramaswamy. 

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