Democrats Unveil New Plan To Tax Americans More

Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash

( – In California, a new public utility law is going to have state residents pay an income-based fee for electricity. Instead of users paying for the amount of electricity that they are using, the electricity bills will change to a new rate structure with the final payment being determined by the amount of money that they make. 

The California Public Utilities Commission is going to be given until July 1 to implement this new fee structure.

The USC School of Business’ Energy Transition initiative director Shon Hiatt noted that this is going to be the first time that a state is not going to be charging electricity based on consumption but rather based on their income rates. He added that the problem is focused on affordability and that while the state had previously been focused on clean energy they did not account for affordability and reliability. As he pointed out this has led to a large escalation of costs. 

He proceeded to say that one of the ways to address the affordability issue is to begin taxing people on an income basis for their electricity. 

The new law would mean that those earning between $28K-$69K might be charged an additional $20 to $34 per month, those making $69K-$180K could pay an additional $51 to $73 each month, while those with an income above $180K could end up paying an additional $85-$128 every month. 

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department retired sergeant Burton Brink took to X to question this decision arguing that someone making $28K each month is not “rich.” 

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