Trump Accused Of Working With Iran?

Photo by sina drakhshani on Unsplash

( – In an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” White House national security spokesperson John Kirby discussed President Biden’s efforts to ensure that the war in the Middle East would not be escalating following Iran’s attack on Israel. 

Kirby in his statement argued that in part the direct attack by Iran against Israel is former president Donald Trump’s fault as he has supposedly emboldened the country. During his interview with Shannon Bream, he pointed out that Israel, with the assistance of its allies, including the United States, had managed to ward off over 300 missiles and drones that had been launched on Saturday by Iran against Israel. 

Following the attack, Biden reportedly advised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against a possible retaliatory attack against Iran.

On Saturday Trump slammed Biden for this move and argued that the federal administration had shown a lot of weakness. He added that this is not something that would occur if they were in office. 

Bream continued by pressing Kirby about the Biden administration’s policies that would permit sanctions waivers and unfreeze assets vis-à-vis Iran. The federal administration re-approved the waiver last month which gives Iraq the option of purchasing energy from Iran. This would also effectively give state-sponsored terrorism access to around $10 billion. At the time of the decision Kirby had argued that the money would not be going to “mullahs.” 

Bream had continued by questioning whether it would have been possible for the Biden administration to be tougher on Iran. In response, Kirby argued that looking at everything that President Biden had done it was hard for someone to argue that the country has gone soft on Iran. 

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