Bye Bye Biden

Photo by Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday, a significant development unfolded in the U.S. House of Representatives as they voted to initiate an official impeachment inquiry against President Biden. This move, spearheaded by Republican lawmakers, aims to intensify the scrutiny on the White House and compel it to cooperate with ongoing investigations.

This resolution was adopted with a vote count of 221 in favor and 212 against, showcasing a clear party-line division; Republicans unanimously supported it while Democrats opposed. The atmosphere in the chamber was notably divided, with a muted response from the Democrats contrasting with subdued cheers from the Republican side.

James Comer, the Republican Chairman of the Oversight Committee, emphasized the critical juncture of their investigation. He highlighted plans to question various members of the Biden family and their associates about alleged influence-peddling activities. Comer accused the White House of obstructing their efforts by withholding crucial testimony and records from Biden’s tenure as Vice President.

The investigation, led by the Republican-majority committees on Oversight, Ways & Means, and Judiciary, centers on allegations that Biden, during his vice presidency under Obama, used his position to financially benefit his family through foreign business dealings. The inquiry particularly focuses on Hunter Biden, the President’s son, and James Biden, his brother, with Hunter facing a separate federal investigation.

The push for a formal impeachment inquiry was initiated by former Speaker Kevin McCarthy in September. However, the Biden administration has dismissed these allegations as baseless, calling the investigation illegitimate without a formal House vote.

House Majority Whip Tom Emmer and Representative Mariannette Miller-Meeks have both expressed the importance of this vote, emphasizing the gravity and significance of impeachment proceedings. They argue that this move is not a hasty reaction but a necessary step in holding the presidency accountable.

Meanwhile, Judiciary Committee member Ben Cline stated that the Republicans aim to pursue the facts diligently and transparently present them to the public.

Responding to the vote, President Biden criticized the House Republicans for engaging in political attacks and neglecting urgent national issues, such as border security, inflation, and job growth. He accused them of wasting time on baseless allegations instead of addressing these critical challenges.

The vote occurred shortly after an unexpected appearance by Hunter Biden near the Capitol, where he was scheduled for a closed-door deposition. He briefly addressed the media, asserting his father’s innocence, before leaving the premises.

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