Biden’s Son Talks About His Drug Problems

Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

( – During a recent interview on “Moby Pod” with musician Moby, President Biden’s son Hunter Biden stated that he paints for around eight hours each day. He stated that this was a type of meditation to him and that after getting sober and clean he had discovered his deep love for art.

The comments were made during the second part of the interview that Hunter Biden had given to Moby. The interview was released within the same week as Hunter Biden’s press statement outside the Capitol when he refused to attend a closed-door deposition with House investigators. The deposition is part of the impeachment inquiry from the Republicans.

As he stated he loves to paint, and finds that the activity is freeing and stimulating. He added that the main reason why he manages to produce as much as he does is because his focus remains on the canvas. According to his statement each year he produces around 50 finished paintings, some of which are shown in the Georges Bourgeois Gallery in New York.

Hunter Biden noted that painting had never been meant to be a commercial enterprise, and then corrected himself when he stated that his meeting with Georgia had occurred a long time before his father ran. Instead, he noted that his father had announced his candidacy but that no one had believed he was going to make it.

The President’s son argued that he had spent his entire life painting and argued that if he had his “druthers” he would have ended up being an artist. However, as he argued, life often interrupted these types of dreams for certain people.

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