Biden Talks About Expanding Supreme Court

Photo by Adam Szuscik on Unsplash

( – In a recent discussion with Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC on Thursday, President Biden voiced his dissent over the proposition of expanding the Supreme Court, a matter that has gained prominence following the court’s contentious decision of late.

Wallace posed a question to Biden during their conversation, querying if he believed that the Supreme Court, currently characterized by a 6-3 conservative bias, could be perceived as “excessively youthful and overly conservative.” She also raised concerns over the potential harm the court’s rulings could inflict on the country.

Biden, known for his frank and candid responses, acknowledged these concerns, agreeing that the judgements handed down by the court were indeed capable of causing considerable harm. However, he expressed a significant worry that any serious contemplation over court expansion could potentially lead to the politicization of this esteemed judicial institution, which, in his view, would be undeniably detrimental.

Despite the prevailing climate of cynicism and apprehension, Biden indicated that he was able to maintain an optimistic outlook. He ventured to suggest that some members within the court, including the Chief Justice John Roberts, were gradually beginning to comprehend the nature of new questions being raised about the court’s legitimacy, questions that haven’t been a part of the public discourse before.

This isn’t the first instance of President Biden’s opposition to Supreme Court expansion being publicized. The White House had previously announced Biden’s dissent following the historical ruling last year, which overturned the landmark Roe. v. Wade case. However, this stance hasn’t been universally accepted within his own party. Many progressive Democrats have expressed their fervor for reforms within the Supreme Court, especially in the wake of a series of controversial rulings on issues as far-reaching as abortion, gun rights, and affirmative action.

Biden hasn’t shied away from expressing his disapproval of many of the Supreme Court’s decisions. In fact, he went on record on Thursday to describe the Supreme Court as an “unusual court” for its seemingly consistent trend of diminishing American rights. To tackle this issue head-on and explore potential modifications to the Supreme Court’s structure and function, Biden has taken the step of assembling a panel of experts. The main goal of this committee is to thoroughly examine the current setup and propose viable changes that could be adopted to improve the efficacy and fairness of the Supreme Court.

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