Biden Shockingly Knocks Trump On His Age

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – President Joe Biden during a recent interview with host Seth Meyers on his show “Late Night With Seth Meyers” slammed former President Donald Trump. 

During his comments, he pointed out that Trump was almost as old as he was and that he was incapable of even remembering the name of his wife. Biden is 81 years old while Trump is 77 years old. 

Forbes has pointed out that on Saturday during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Committee Trump had referred to his wife Melania Trump as “Mercedes.” However, Trump’s campaign has claimed that was not the case. 

Biden noted during his interview that the most important thing was “how old your ideas are.” As he pointed out, Trump was someone who wanted to bring the country back by 50 to 60 years and wanted to bring the U.S. back on several issues including Roe v. Wade.

While Biden was being interviewed there was a crowd of pro-Palestinian demonstrators on Monday. Photos of the protesters had been posted on social media by Jewish Voices for Peace NYC, a group that had shared photos of the demonstrators holding banners that read: “Jews to Biden: Stop Arming Genocide.” Other demonstrators were wearing shirts that called for a cease-fire. 

The group posted on social media that hundreds of people, Jews, and allies, had been outside of the NBC headquarters in NYC to disrupt the President’s appearance on Seth Meyers’ show. They further pointed out that Biden was following a deadly foreign policy by funding the genocide in Gaza. 

In one of the group’s posts, they claimed that “50 Jewish protesters” had been arrested during the demonstration.

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