U.S. Has A Two-Tiered System Of Justice

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

(TruthAndLiberty.com) – Jason Miller a senior advisor to former President Trump, criticized the justice system as being biased following a special counsel’s decision to not charge President Biden with any criminal activity concerning his handling of classified documents. Speaking on NewsNation, Miller argued that the outcome of Biden’s case demonstrates a selective and uneven application of justice, which he views as a form of election interference.

Special counsel Robert Hur, in a detailed 388-page report, concluded that Biden had indeed kept classified documents without authorization but decided against filing charges. In contrast, Trump, who is likely to run against Biden in the 2024 election, is currently facing 91 criminal charges across various state and federal cases.

On the same day Hur’s report was published, the Supreme Court was considering arguments regarding Trump’s eligibility for the ballot, invoking the 14th Amendment’s Insurrection Clause. Miller sees these developments as strategic efforts to undermine Trump while overlooking similar issues with Biden.

Miller also touched on Biden’s response to the investigation’s findings. After the report characterized Biden as an elderly individual with memory challenges, Biden firmly asserted his capability to serve as president in a spontaneous speech. This exchange highlights the ongoing debate over age and mental fitness in the presidential race, with Biden potentially being 86 at the end of a second term and Trump 82.

When discussing the idea of competency tests for presidential candidates, Miller suggested that both Trump and Biden should undergo such assessments. He expressed skepticism about Biden’s ability to perform well in such tests, questioning even his capacity to correctly state his own name. This comment underscores the contentious issue of age and cognitive ability in the context of presidential suitability.

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