Trump Lawyer Reveals Dark Truth About E. Jean Carroll Trial

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Alina Habba, who represents Donald Trump, criticized the judge presiding over a recent defamation lawsuit in New York, where the former president was found at fault. She suggested the judge exhibited political bias and influenced the jury against Trump.

In an interview with Newsmax on Tuesday, Habba described the courtroom atmosphere as surreal, likening it to a skewed reality where the opposition seemed to play by a different set of rules. Last month, a jury concluded that Trump had defamed author E. Jean Carroll by denying her allegations of sexual assault. Carroll, who brought her claims to light in 2019 during Trump’s presidency, was awarded $83.3 million. This followed a separate ruling where Trump was found responsible for sexual assault and ordered to pay $5 million in another defamation lawsuit.

Habba contended that Carroll’s motivations were purely financial. She recounted Carroll’s post-verdict comments about extravagant purchases and emphasized to the jury in her closing argument that Carroll’s primary goal was monetary gain, not justice for defamation.

Further, Habba argued that the trial was unfair, claiming the judge excluded crucial evidence that would have supported Trump’s defense and restricted the jury’s access to information, which she believed led them to be unduly influenced by the judge’s direction. She suggested that this bias was part of a broader “Trump Derangement Syndrome” affecting their judgement.

Habba is adamant about appealing the decision, expressing confidence that Trump will ultimately be vindicated in the legal process.

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