Teenagers Turn Prank Into Murder

Photo by Michael Förtsch on Unsplash

(TruthAndLiberty.com) – In Georgia three teenagers are being charged with murder following their plan to egg a home going astray.

On July 3, deputies had to respond to a “man down” call in a roadway in Spalding County. According to the reports from the Sheriff’s office when they first arrived at the scene, officers found a victim that had been fatally shot. He was later identified as Johnathan Gilbert.

Sheriff Darrell Dix revealed that allegedly Jeremy Munson, 18, Sydney Maughon, 18, and McKenzie Davenport, 19 were intending on egging Gilbert’s home, but that the man had seen them before they could follow through with their plan. When he saw what the teenagers were intending to do Gilbert came out of the house to confront them. At this time he did not have any weapons on him.

The suspects quickly ran back to their car, but Gilbert started to approach them. That was when Maughon who was sitting in the backseat took out a firearm and started repeatedly shooting. The suspects then drove off while leaving Gilbert on Dobbins Mill Road dead.

The motive behind the teenager’s move has not yet been made clear, however it does appear that this is the result of an “ongoing lovers quarrel.” Reportedly, investigators were able to find that one of the phone numbers of the suspects was tracked to a location in a county nearby. The police also believe to have found the car involved in the incident and the gun used was also recovered from the vehicle.

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