Public Schools Officially Crack Down On Cellphones

Photo by MChe Lee on Unsplash

( – Schools across the United States are trying to take action to block students from using their cellphones throughout the school day. Some schools have with assistance of companies introduced the use of pouches that the students are required to place their phone in at the start of the day. The pouches remain locked until the final bell rings.

Other schools have been threatening that children who are caught on their phone, even if it is only during lunch time, could face suspension. Educators appear glad about the possibility of having students not be on their phones during class. However, there are children and parents concerned about what these policies could mean in the case of an emergency. Others have also questioned whether this was the best solution to this problem.

Richmond Public Schools in Virginia chief wellness officer Renesha Parks told The Hill that six schools would start piloting the policy starting in 2024. The program is in partnership with Yondr which has created the magnetic cellphone pouches used. The program has a cost of around $75,000 and it is going to impact approximately 4,200 students.

Parks pointed out that the initiative had a high cost, however they were hopeful that this program would bring down the levels of cellphone usage among students and that it would increase productivity. For this reason, the district that this was a worthy investment. She added that educators are also happy with the introduction of this policy, however students and parents are split on whether or not they support the initiative.

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