New York AG Refuses To Give Trump A Break

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) office has disclosed that they would be seeking court sanctions against former President Trump in her civil fraud lawsuit. The statement was made to a state judge on Tuesday.

James’s office has said that the formal answers provided for the $250 million lawsuit filed by Donald Trump, his three oldest children, and the family’s businesses were insufficient in many ways, and sanctions for both them and their attorneys should be given.

Kevin Wallace, a senior enforcement counsel in James’s office noted that in the new case, the defendants are denying facts that they previously had admitted to and are saying they were unaware of certain factual details that should have been within the things they knew about. He further added that they had repeatedly made affirmative defenses that had been “rejected by this Court as frivolous and without merit.”

Wallace also requested a meeting with New York Judge Arthur Engoron to discuss the schedule for the sanctions motion.

In September James had filed a lawsuit in which she noted that the former President, his three oldest children, and their businesses have repeatedly inflated property values to get investments and loans at the best possible rates while deflating their values for taxation purposes. In the filing, $250 million is requested in financial penalties.

Trump had previously filed to have the case dismissed, but Engoron had denied that request.