More Americans Ordered To House Migrants

Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

( – Michigan’s Department of Labor and Economic Development has been asking residents to open up their homes and house migrants who have entered the country through the southern border. In their statement, they noted that all volunteers opting to participate in the program were required to spend at least 90 days in it. 

Global Michigan Director and Michigan’s Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer Poppy Hernandez argued that such programs, like the Welcome Corps, help push forward the office’s mission to help provide a home to immigrants and refugees in the state. She added that the resettlement pathways help to give the people of Michigan more space to support the growing refugee population making the state more inclusive and welcoming. 

Sponsors are going to be expected to wait for the refugees they will be supporting at the airport as well as preparing housing. They would also be tasked with assisting the adults to find work and enrolling any school children in school. 

The migrants that can participate in this program will originally come from Venezuela, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Cuba and are applying for asylum at the Southern border. 

This recent request comes after several cities are struggling to provide services and housing to all the migrants that have entered the country through the U.S.-Mexico border. 

In Chicago, New York, and other major cities there has also been an increase in migrants committing crimes, while many of the residents have expressed frustration over the influx of migrants. The migrant shelters in those cities are largely at capacity which is why those cities are tasked with finding new ways to house the migrants effectively. 

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