Liberal Media Very Worried About New GOP Candidate

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

( – Olivia Reingold, a Free Press staff writer, revealed during her appearance on the “Honestly” podcast with Free Press founder and host Bari Weiss, that after talking with a number of reporters from CNN and Politico, they now appeared to be considering Vivek Ramaswamy a serious candidate in the 2024 presidential race.

Weiss during the podcast had asked her guests whether they believed that Ramaswamy had an “actual agenda” about becoming the U.S. President or whether he was just looking to be the vice President of former President Donald Trump.

Reingold claimed that Ramaswamy truly had aspirations to become the U.S president, and even pointed out that he has repeatedly stated is not looking to be Trump’s running mate. As she pointed out in interviews he has also made repeated claims about 2028 and his second term in office, which further showcases how ambitious he is. Finally she pointed out that he was really ambitious and that there “was a hunger in his eyes.”

Weiss then questioned whether in the debate room during the first GOP primary debate it was clear that Ramaswamy had won the presidential debate. To this Reingold answered that it could be “absolutely” felt. She added that a large part of being in the media filing room is talking with other reporters and colleagues there, and many people in that room appeared to think that it was possible that Ramaswamy was going to be the next U.S.> president. She added that this was the first time that many people had actually heard him speak, and he seemed to have a good knack for going viral frequently.

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